Psychometric Assessment & Tests

We offer a comprehensive solution of employee assessments and validations to help companies/organisations achieve more from their workforce.

Psychometric assessments aim to measure aspects of mental processes and behavioral traits such as the candidates preferred way of working, drive, energy levels, emotions etc.  As opposed to physical characteristics like strength or height.

These types of tests are scientifically proven to measure an individual’s capabilities and behavioral styles. They can measure different personality traits, which helps with the identification and development of talent.

Psychometric Tests measure specific skills required for the job for example verbal, numeric, customer service, entrepreneurial, mechanical, safety, leadership skills amongst many others. They provide the employer with a method of selecting the most suitable job applicants, thus serving to effectively support the recruitment and selection process.

Research has shown that soundly developed tests of this type greatly enhance the recruitment process by providing evidence of ability or potential in an area. Psychometric assessments provide our interviewers with objective, reliable and relevant information that helps them to make a well-informed decision on a candidate suitability for a role.

In our recruitment and selections, we use psychometric assessment tests to aid in screening and selection and role match profiling to identify the best person for the job.

We seek to establish facts and answers on whether the candidate /applicant; will want to do the job? Can do the job? And how will he/she do the job?

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