1. Headhunting & Recruitment

At PEO International-Uganda, we pride ourselves in our innate ability to effectively and efficiently hunt down the most talented and suitable candidates for your company.

We have a dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced head-hunters who possess the unique ability to identify and recruit the best candidates for your company.
Before we meet your head-hunting needs, we will first attempt to understand your business as well as evaluate its corporate culture, in order to provide you with the best candidates who will quickly and seamlessly integrate within your organisation.

We will then identify the candidates who meet and exceed the criteria and provide you with a shortlist within a given time-frame.

By virtue of the broad range of recruitment knowledge garnered over the years, PEO International Limited has an outstanding ability to source highly qualified candidates for clients through its huge personnel data bank and networks within various sectors of industry.

We enable startups as well as emerging and established companies to acquire professional and talented staff of all levels.

Our recruitment spectrum includes, but is not limited to:

  • Advertisement development
  • E-recruitment
  • Head hunting/Executive search/Poaching.
  • Screening: we identify two to three candidates who are a close match for each position
  • Client interview scheduling
  • Candidate assessments
  • The facilitation of document verification

We have experience serving wide range of industries which include, but are not limited to:

  • Mining/Oil and Gas
  • IT/Telecommunications
  • Finance/Insurance
  • Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Service Industries

We are committed to offer our clients:

  • A well-developed shortlist that matches your candidate profile
  • Temporary/ Contract or part-time placements
  • A guarantee of confidentiality and regular feedback throughout each assignment

2. Human Resource Consultancy

Keeping up with HR related issues and their impact on business, whilst managing the wide range of traditional HR tasks is enough to keep HR practitioners in a corporate setting busy on a full time basis. The ensuing effect on a small and medium sized company is usually very overwhelming.

We have a dedicated team of HR Consultants who always look to provide a cost effective range of outsourced HR solutions for small and medium sized businesses. Our professional team possesses vast amounts of experience in advising clients and implementing customized solutions that attract, inspire, motivate, manage and reward the right people within the organization. Our primary goal is to understand the needs of all our clients and effectively collaborate with them to tailor programs that meet their unique workforce management objectives.

Our HR consultancy services are designed to maximize investment in human capital whilst enabling clients to focus on their core business.

Our HR Consultancy Services Includes:

  • Talent management
  • HR Audits
  • Tailor made workshops
  • Change management
  • Performance management
  • Job evaluation
  • Legal compliance
  • Organisational restructuring
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Development of HR Policy Documents

3. Outsourcing & Labour Management

As your company expands, your challenges (especially in personnel management) multiply exponentially. By outsourcing your labour management obligations to us, you effectively reduce your organisational burdens as you no longer have to face these challenges.

With PEO International Uganda, you will benefit from a stress-free payroll service, superb staff administration services, expert statutory compliance along with dedicated HR support.

The question you should be asking yourself is this:

 Are you leveraging all of your HR capabilities?

Unlike large corporations, small and medium-size organizations have limited capacity for maintaining fully operational HR departments. However, this doesn’t mean that these businesses don’t face similar HR challenges to their larger and more established organizational counterparts. They do!

In fact, HR services in Uganda are becoming increasingly complex. And at the same rate, the relative sizes of HR departments in the small to mid-size companies are gradually diminishing.

So what is really going on? One word; outsourcing!

PEO uganda is well-recognized for its ability to handle staff outsourcing within the whole of East Africa. Our expertise in staff outsourcing enables clients to remain trouble-free whilst they manage their businesses. You can trust our company to help you leverage your full HR capability and, consequently, significantly enhance your business results.

PEO’s outsourced Labour management provides a variety of solutions for the staff you outsource with us, both on-site and off-site. We are responsible for managing thousands of employees working at different client sites throughout Uganda.

We usually offer pure staff outsourcing services in Uganda. However, as part of the cost benefit to our clients, we move with our clients through the entire employee lifecycle – recruitment & selection, on-boarding, staff management, and payroll management.

When clients outsource their staffing needs to us, we do all the associated work, which includes:

  • Employment offer letters: We provide offer letters to all outsourced staff, whilst in frequent consultation with the client.
  • Shift scheduling: If a specific employee is not able to report to work, we provide a replacement within the agreed timelines so as to ensure full (100%) shift capacity at all times.
  • Time and attendance management
  • Occupational health and safety awareness: We brief all contracted employees on the health and safety guidelines to reduce health and safety risks.
  • Heathy & Safety Act: We ensure all outsourced staff is covered for, according to the heathy & safety Act policy.
  • Medical cover: When the client requires outsourced staff to be provided with medical cover, we procure this on their behalf.
  • Compliance with employment legislation: We ensure outsourced staff is managed within all stipulated legislation, in line with the Employment Act.
  • Travelling/out of pocket allowances: When necessary, we advance allowances to the employees who require them. This is all done within 24 hours via bank, and the client is invoiced for the amount as stipulated within the terms of the contract.
  • Payroll management: We are responsible for processing salaries, PAYE, NSSF and allowable insurance relief for all outsourced staff.
  • Soft Skills Training: We are aware that every employee is a brand ambassador for the company and, therefore, we conduct soft skills training for all outsourced staff. This occurs once every yearly quarter and on the client site so as to avoid disrupting operations.
  • On site supervision: When a client outsources over 40 staff, we provide a supervisor on site to manage and motivate outsourced staff. This guarantees the maximum return on client investment.
  • Induction of new employees: We are aware that recruitment is expensive, so we support the client with by handling the induction of all new employees. This ensures the maximum return on investment made by the client, whilst also serving to significantly reduce employee turnover rates.
  • Performance Management: We customize performance management tools and work with the client to monitor and enhance the performance of all outsourced staff.
  • Leave management: We keep track of official leave taken/balance and sick leave taken/balance, on behalf of the client.
  • Reporting: We provide the client with real-time online reports for all agreed reporting lines.
  • Salaries: We ensure outsourced staff salaries are transferred to the respective staff accounts on the date agreed with client.

4. Psychometric Assessment & Tests

Psychometric Assessments aim to measure aspects of mental processes and behavioral traits such as the candidates preferred way of working, drive, energy levels, emotions etc.  As opposed to physical characteristics like strength or height.

These types of tests are scientifically proven to measure an individual’s capabilities and behavioral styles. They can measure different personality traits, which helps with the identification and development of talent.

Psychometric Tests measure specific skills required for the job for example verbal, numeric, customer service, entrepreneurial, mechanical, safety, leadership skills amongst many others. They provide the employer with a method of selecting the most suitable job applicants, thus serving to effectively support the recruitment and selection process.

Research has shown that soundly developed tests of this type greatly enhance the recruitment process by providing evidence of ability or potential in an area. Psychometric assessments provide our interviewers with objective, reliable and relevant information that helps them to make a well-informed decision on a candidate suitability for a role.

In our Recruitment and Selection services, we use psychometric assessment tests to aid in screening and selection and role match profiling to identify the best person for the job.

5. Payroll Administration

We process bonuses, commissions, overtime, and payroll for weekly/ bi-weekly/ daily/hourly paid employees.

Our teams also handle salary queries and provide all payroll tax information to the client on a monthly basis or as agreed with the client. More so, PEO International provides clients with outsourced salary management services.

We handle each and every element of this process, such as data entry, banking transactions, employee inquiries, and remittances both in Uganda and across continents.

Our overall approach is a team-based. This means, in simpler terms, that we don’t take breaks until your payroll is complete!

The payroll service spectrum we offer includes, but is not limited to:

  • Payroll processing and reporting
  • Payroll tax reporting
  • Attendance and leave records management
  • Pay slip generation in soft/hard copy
  • Reimbursement/ Expense management
  • Time off/ sick and annual leave tracking
  • Accrual balances
  • Year-end tax reports
  • Loans disbursement

Organizations that rely on a single expert to manage their payroll can be significantly impacted by any slight changes, such as an employee quitting their job, taking vacation or leave, falling sick, etc.

Such changes can make the payroll function vulnerable to interruptions and costly errors.

Our team-based approach enables us to provide reliable payroll management in Uganda without interruptions or errors. There is always a dedicated team-player and an equally able backup partner.

6. Temporary Staffing

Temporary Staffing Services (& Part Time Recruitment)

Apart from permanent recruitment, we do offer temporary staffing services for a specific period or project based.

Do you require to fill a position for a staff going on annual, maternity or study leave? Are you starting a new department but are not sure how long it will take to stabilize and thus looking to start with temporary staff?

We can provide you with temporary skilled staff.

The advantage of using our temporary staffing is that:

  • We recommend at least three staff for you to pick one.
  • We issue the staff you’ve picked with a contract of employment.
  • We register staff with necessary Government bodies as required by law.
  • We process their payroll and issue them with payslips as required by law.
  • If the relationship is not working for whatever reason, we do a replacement at no extra charge

7. Expatriate support services

  • Business start-up Support

Once a client expresses their interest in expanding their operations into Uganda, PEO International will advise on the relevant HR issues affecting businesses in the country.

  • Expatriate payroll management

We handle gross to net and net to gross payroll calculations.

  • Immigration Support

Obtaining official documents through local authorities may be a challenge for an Expat due to the complicated administrative procedures.  We handle the immigration application process on behalf of our clients, such as work permits, special passes, alien cards and dependent passes ensuring that our clients continue to remain fully compliant with the immigration regulations in Uganda. We assist in preparation and submission of these applications to the Immigration Department, monitor and report on their progress.

  • Relocation Support

We provide bespoke relocation services to our corporate clients and their assignees – helping their families to settle into their new environment. Relocating to a new country is an exciting opportunity but brings many challenges including finding a new home, a school for your children as well as settling into a new culture and way of life.

  • Home Search

Our Home Search starts with the completion of a needs assessment and telephone interview, which allows us to gather the assignee’s requirements to analyze their needs. Our Home Search assistance provides independent and impartial information and guidance including accompanied visits, which allows you to make an informed housing choice in your new location

  • House Rent Management

PEO International also offers local management and payment of rent, utilities, maintenance and related costs to ensure policy compliance, uniform reporting and timely receipt of payments.

  • School Search

The School Search starts with the completion of a needs assessment and telephone interview, which allows us to gather the assignee’s requirements in order to analyze their needs. After this call, we will contact the schools and compile a report for the assignee on availability, curriculum, recommendations, ratings and pricing.

  • Car Search

We offer car hire services to support the expatriate in case they are looking for a vehicle to lease on a short-term or long-term basis. We ensure value for money and provide a competent driver if requested.

  • Fuel Management

Our dedicated team of professionals will ensue your monthly fuel consumption is managed through the use of a fuel card. We will work to ensure all related expenses including the payments to the driver are properly managed in the most efficient manner.

  • City Orientation

Our orientation program is designed to provide up-to date, local knowledge for you and your family, helping you to understand what to expect from your new location. This will enable you to make, better, more informed decisions about your new lifestyle, where to live, education for your children, etc. We will also organize airport-pick-ups to your preferred destination on the day of arrival.

  • City/Country tour

This package allows you to enjoy the sights and scenes of Kampala and other tourist sites. Touring Uganda selected cities and districts and Kalangala Islands tour.

8. Business Development Services

  • Business/Company Registration
  • Marketing Services
  • Internet WEB Services
  • Accounting & Tax Services

Other Services

Child Guidance