Business & Expatriate Support

Business Support Services 

We do a wide spectrum of Business & Expert-support services.

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Track Solutions

We provide best and reliable track solutions for Vehicles,Fleet management, Persons, Pets, Assets, CCTV systems, Signal Boosters, Self Defense and other safety solutions.

  • Employee Time Attendance Tracking System
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Vehicle/ Motorcycle Tracking System
  • GPS Tracking- Personal, Asset ets
  • Self defense 

This is the reason:

• 100% web based and easy to use.
• Installation at your premises or anywhere accessible.
• No contract- month to month fees
• Geo-fencing with SMS alerts.
• Real time updates every 10 seconds.
• Detailed and customised data.
• Vehicle tracking, SOS and voice recording.

What you get;
• See 24/7 exactly where your vehicles are with your own smartphone, PC or tablet etc.
• Detailed speed, Fuel/oil, mileage and positioning.
• Real time and historic data.
• Receive SMS alerts,Customer care and training.

Expatriate Support Services

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Business start-up support 

Once a client expresses their interest in expanding their operations into Uganda, PEO International will advise on the relevant HR & Management issues affecting businesses in the country.

Expatriate payroll management

We handle gross to net and net to gross payroll calculations.

Immigration support

Obtaining official documents through local authorities may be a challenge for an Expat due to the complicated administrative procedures.  We handle the immigration application process on behalf of our clients, such as work permits, special passes, alien cards and dependent passes ensuring that our clients continue to remain fully compliant with the immigration regulations in Uganda. We assist in preparation and submission of these applications to the Immigration Department, monitor and report on their progress.

Re-location support

We provide bespoke relocation services to our corporate clients and their assignee – helping their families to settle into their new environment. Relocating to a new country is an exciting opportunity but brings many challenges including finding a new home, a school for your children as well as settling into a new culture and way of life.

Home search

Our Home Search starts with the completion of a needs assessment and telephone interview, which allows us to gather the assignee’s requirements to analyze their needs. Our Home Search assistance provides independent and impartial information and guidance including accompanied visits, which allows you to make an informed housing choice in your new location.

House rent management

PEO International also offers local management and payment of rent, utilities, maintenance and related costs to ensure policy compliance, uniform reporting and timely receipt of payments.

School search

The School Search starts with the completion of a needs assessment and telephone interview, which allows us to gather the assignee’s requirements in order to analyze their needs. After this call, we will contact the schools and compile a report for the assignee on availability, curriculum, recommendations, ratings and pricing.

Car search

We offer car hire services to support the expatriate in case they are looking for a vehicle to lease on a short-term or long-term basis. We ensure value for money and provide a competent driver if requested.

Fuel management

Our dedicated team of professionals will ensue your monthly fuel consumption is managed through the use of a fuel card. We will work to ensure all related expenses including the payments to the driver are properly managed in the most efficient manner.

City orientation

Our orientation program is designed to provide up-to date, local knowledge for you and your family, helping you to understand what to expect from your new location. This will enable you to make, better, more informed decisions about your new lifestyle, where to live, education for your children, etc. We will also organize airport-pick-ups to your preferred destination on the day of arrival. to;

City & Country tour

This package allows you to enjoy the sights and scenes of Kampala and other tourist sites. Touring Uganda selected cities and districts and Kalangala Islands tour.

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