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Education Begins at Home.

“It is in the home that the education of the child is to begin. Here is his first school. Here, with his parents as instructors, he is to learn the lessons that are to guide him throughout life- lessons of respect, obedience, reverence, self-control. The educational influences of the home are a decided power for good or for evil. They are in many respects silent and gradual, but if exerted on the right side, they become a far-reaching power for truth and righteousness. If the child is not instructed aright here, Satan will educate him through agencies of his choosing. How important, then, is the school in the home”

Here the Foundations Are Laid.

“Upon all parents there rests the obligation of giving physical, mental, and spiritual instruction. It should be the object of every parent to secure to his child a well-balanced, symmetrical character. This is a work of no small magnitude and importance-a work requiring earnest thought and effort and prayer no less than patient, persevering effort. A right foundation must be laid, a framework, strong and firm, erected; and then day by day the work of building, polishing, perfecting, must go forward”.

Deny the Child Anything but This Right.

Parents, remember that your home is a training school, in which your children are to be prepared for life. Deny them anything rather than the education that they should receive in their earliest years. Allow no word of pettishness. Teach your children to be kind and patient. Teach them to be thoughtful of others. We help parents/guardians make homes their preparatory school, where children and youth may be fitted to do future service.

Begin the Teaching Early.

Obedience to parental authority should be inculcated in babyhood and cultivated in youth. Some parents think that they can let their little ones have their own way in their babyhood, and then when they get older, they will reason with them; but this is a mistake. Begin in the baby life to teach obedience. . . Require obedience in your home school.  From their earliest life children should be taught to obey their parents, to respect their word, and to reverence their authority. Before Reason Is Developed, One of the first lessons a child needs to learn is the lesson of obedience. Before he is old enough to reason, he may be taught to obey.

The foundation for sound mental health is built early in life as a child begins to develop socially and emotionally. 

By working closely with spiritual teachers, childcare providers, teachers and doctors we provide the best possible care for your child whenever and wherever you may need it.

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